Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Favorites

It's March? February flew by... kind of! Haha. So in honor of the March I am going to share my favorite things with you! 

Let's get started:: 


The Beauty Blender is a great product. It makes my makeup looks so good when i'm done. 

This Haconut Body Scrub is something that I just recently started using but oh my gosh I love it so so much! 

This is by far my absolute favorite chapstick that i've ever used. It smells so good and it keeps my lips soft for a long time. 

These white converse go with literally everything and they are so comfortable. 

I love all the leggings from PINK. They are super comfortable and I wear them all the time. 

Joggers are literally the only thing I wear! They are so awesome for just lounging around! 


I've been really into this season of The Bachelor! It's great :)

And of course...


Here are some songs that I have been really loving lately are--


I use my essential oil diffuser ALL the time! Love Love Love it.

Thanks so much for reading today's post! 
Love ya :)