Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hi everyone! It has been so long... my apologies. 
But, I just wanted all of you to know about this amazing stuff that I have discovered. You might be thinking now lily, what is this "stuff" and why on earth is it so amazing. Well, hold your horses i'm getting there! 

As some of you may know, I have struggled with acne for quite some time now... like since 3rd or 4th grade! I have tried a ridiculous number of products that are specifically for acne and sensitive skin. Nothing has really worked. I even went to the dermatologist a few years ago and the medication that they gave me just irritated my skin to the point where it was just unbearable. 

So, in March I was watching YouTube and looking at the newest videos and I saw this one with the title "I FINALLY Cleared My Acne". These kinds of videos really get my attention because I too am trying to clear my acne. So, of course I watched the video! The product that this YouTuber was talking about was this medication called Curology. 

After I watched the video, listened to her review, and looked at her pictures, I decided to go check this stuff out. After further investigation, I finally ordered it. 

Now, let me tell you how it works. First you go to curology.com and sign up for an account. When you sign up it will have you take a little questionnaire about your skin. After this they will pair you up with a dermatologist. This will be the person that you will talk to about your skin and the medication and you can ask them questions, as well. Once, this happens you will take pictures of your problem areas and this will help your dermatologist determine what ingredients need to be put into your medication. Lastly, if you decide to go through with this and order it, you will be charged $20 a month and this is for access to your online dermatologist at all times, as well as a bottle of medication delivered to your doorstep every three months (this can be adjusted if you run out before your three months is up). 

Now let me just tell you... I started using this in March and my skin was extremely red and I had pimples and such all over my face and to be completely honest with you I hardly ever left my house without makeup on because I was, well embarrassed and insecure. But, it is now June and I am very comfortable leaving my house with a bare face! I really only have acne scarring left, which even that is fading. 

I love this stuff so so much and I would recommend it to literally anyone and everyone!! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

cute pics

Oh My Goodness! Yayy :) 
So, today's challenge is to post some cute pics! 
Right before I went to the list to see what today's challenge was I was thinking "Hey, maybe i'll skip posting a challenge and just upload some CUTE PICS..." Crazy, I know.

Here are 8 of the cutest pictures currently on my phone. Enjoy.

From the Pura Vida photo shoot. 

Isn't that puppy the CUTEST?!

I just think this pic is supa cute! That candle is the most amazing thing, too. (It's from Bath & Body Works, go check it out.)

My cute family. 

My cute kitty cat. 
I like this pic a lot, but my outfit was cute that night... so :)

And of course... Scott Eastwood <3 by far the cutest picture on my phone. 

I so so so hope you enjoyed. I sure did! HAHA 
Thanks for sticking around
- lily 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

she believed she could so she did

Day 13 Challenge... Favorite Quote.
My absolute favorite quote is "She Believed She Could So She Did". 
This is so inspiring in so many ways to me! 

I have this bracelet, that I showed in a previous blog post, and it's so perfect. I love having it on my wrist as a constant reminder to keep believing in what I want! 

If you want this bracelet you can get it here.

keep believing :) 
~ lily 

Pura Vida

Hey guys! Guess what... YOU CAN GET 20% OFF ALL PURA VIDA PURCHASES w/ the code LILYFOSTER20. What? 

Pura Vida has awesome products! All their bracelets are handmade from Costa Rica. 

Some of their bracelets even donate some of the proceeds to a special charity! 

Pura Vida is one of my favorite companies and I love all the good things it does for the world!

xoxo, Lily

Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Favorites

It's March? February flew by... kind of! Haha. So in honor of the March I am going to share my favorite things with you! 

Let's get started:: 


The Beauty Blender is a great product. It makes my makeup looks so good when i'm done. 

This Haconut Body Scrub is something that I just recently started using but oh my gosh I love it so so much! 

This is by far my absolute favorite chapstick that i've ever used. It smells so good and it keeps my lips soft for a long time. 

These white converse go with literally everything and they are so comfortable. 

I love all the leggings from PINK. They are super comfortable and I wear them all the time. 

Joggers are literally the only thing I wear! They are so awesome for just lounging around! 


I've been really into this season of The Bachelor! It's great :)

And of course...


Here are some songs that I have been really loving lately are--


I use my essential oil diffuser ALL the time! Love Love Love it.

Thanks so much for reading today's post! 
Love ya :) 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jewelry Staples

Oh my goodness! It has been so long! I was out of town and super busy last week! Thanks for sticking around though!!!!!! :) 
Let's get into today's post! YAY

Yes... I do have loads of jewelry but I really do not wear much of it (mainly because I don't go to school). But, I have three things that I wear all the time and they are things that I think everyone should have in their collection. 

This piece is one that is new to my collection, but I love love love it! It's a sterling silver necklace with my name on it. 
This is something that I think everybody needs, whether its a bar necklace, a monogram necklace, or this one (which is kind of a perfect mix of the other two). I got this for Valentine's Day from my parents and i've been wearing it everyday since. It goes with everything... which is AWESOME! 

Not only does this bracelet have my favorite saying on it, but it is also super gorgeous. This is by far my favorite piece... EVER. It is from the company MantraBand and they sell bracelets with inspiring sayings on them. I love the bracelet and the company so so much. 

Lily and Laura Bracelets are so great for adding a little something extra to your outfit. They come in literally every color and are very comfortable. 

These four are my favorite and I wear them all the time! They roll right on to your wrist and are flexible, so you can wear them all the time. 

Well, that's all folks ;) 

much love, Lily

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cheesecake Factory

The other night my family and I went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. SO DELICIOUS. And of course I wanted to dress up for the little event. 

 I wore this flannel dress from Forever 21 that I got on sale!! And I paired it with some simple black tights and black booties that I got a while back from Old Navy (I linked a pair of booties from Old Navy that I found, but they are not the same ones).  


I love this outfit so much because there are a bunch of ways that you can change it. You could throw on a scarf or a nice statement necklace for a different look. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
much love, lily :) 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Room Sneak Peak

Since our move to the new house, I have been on a never ending journey of finishing my room. Today I am going to give you a little sneak peak at one of my favorite parts so far. 

In my room, I am going for a black, grey, and white theme. I am keeping it very simple. 
This clothing rack is something that I have had my eye on for a long time, but I never had a place to put it. It is so perfect for displaying your favorite clothes and shoes. 

On top of the clothing rack is an adorable hat rack. But, since I don't have hats, I decided to decorate it with some of my favorite things. 

Next to my clothing rack I put a desk organizer, because it is the perfect size for what I want in it. I have a few of my favorite books, a photo album, and a mug that my mom made for me. 

On top of the organizer I have another book and this gorgeous print that I got from Michael's a while ago. 

I love this space so much and it fits right in with my personality and lifestyle. I hope this gave you inspiration for your own space :) 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beauty Icons (Audrey Hepburn & Lauren Conrad)

Audrey Hepburn has always held a special place in my heart when it comes to fashion. Her style was so tasteful and elegant. My absolute favorite Audrey look is the classic Breakfast At Tiffany's one. 

I find myself using this picture for inspiration quite a lot. A black dress or shirt and pearls is always perfect. 

My other beauty icon is Lauren Conrad

Her style is so girly and simple that it is always easy to come up with an outfit that resembles one of hers. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016


On Friday night, my sister, cousin, mom, and I went to see the Broadway production of Cinderella in Norfolk. It was absolutely amazing and I had a wonderful time! 

For the play I decided to have some fun and get a little dressed up. 

I paired this lovely tulle skirt, that I purchased from Uptown Cheapskate, with a black turtle neck dress! I am loving this combo. I also wore a black and silver necklace from Forever 21 and my nude flats from Target. 

The glasses that I am wearing in this picture are from Warby Parker


Saturday, February 6, 2016


Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I am so excited to start this blog, I have been wanting to do this for the longest time now. I will be posting about fashion, makeup, favorites, and so much more. So, stick around and enjoy the ride!!  
  ~ Lily :)